A lifetime can be spent, seeking the true meaning of color and its impact on the human mind. Art is the only medium which breathes life into this miracle of Nature. Colors enrich Life, as we know it. Since the beginning of time, the universe has been engulfed in the loving embrace of colors. Human body is soaked in the vast ocean of emotions and these emotions are expressed with the help of colors since the beginning of civilizations. Infact, human psychology is influenced by colors through and through. Dance, music, sculpture, painting, theater; colors bind audiences to the soul of the art forever. Man has sought solace in varied ways. Meditation has opened the path to eternal bliss and it is this journey which leads us to auras. Each person has his or her own aura of a specific color. The color of the aura has inspired and driven individuals to seek peace within themselves and bring about a change in their energy. This, in turn influences the world. This is what AKS-AU-RAKS presents to you. A state of mind, where the soul is entirely surrendered to the Omnipresent. It shows us an array of emotions when Art meets Awakening. It takes us on a journey of rediscovering ourselves.

Sample stories

Aghori Baba

4 AM. Benaras is sleeping. The stars are dead. The people are hollowed out like the inside of a drum playing the same beat it grew up to...

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Jama Masjid

Grand Prize - Winner gets a complimentary 2N/3D stay in an MoT rec.ommended resort in India...

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