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To celebrate Festivals with joy is the part of Indian Culture.This year 2019 Holi was special to me as me being married in a Family in Mathura 'city of the birthplace of Lord Krishna'.First time I got opportunity of playing Holi with Lord Krishna along with my family members.On 22nd March 2019 I visited Temple 'Shri Dauji Maharaj Temple' in Mathura. "Dauji Ka Horanga" was to be played that day.I got the opportunity to be seated at the rooftop of the temple.From there I took this picture by my mobile on that day.The feeling of spirituality and the enthusiasm of people playing Holi with their beloved God in the temple itself can make anybody escastic. Everywhere colours of love, Devotion, Laugh, Positive Energy, Smiles,Happiness were around.Felt blessed along with my family.Still recall the unforgettable experience.It was like 'Shri Krishna ki Nagari mai Krishna sang Holi' with my loved ones. Holi is time to celebrate relationships,happiness & togetherness with family,friends.This was the best moment of Holi for me.

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