flying blackbuck

Deer Roaming and jumping towards rocks and over the grass with energy and enthusiasm. With sharp and wavy horns on head makes a shape of victory over the green grass. Looking forward and proceeding firmly to its direction. On its body blackish and brownish color with matte finish dull white color feels like a strong trunk of the dense shadowy tree. Always moving, grazing, wandering being alert, united and rapid as per nature makes us feel to watch its movements and actions in the natural aatmosphere.

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Aghori Baba

4 AM. Benaras is sleeping. The stars are dead. The people are hollowed out like the inside of a drum playing the same beat it grew up to...

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Jama Masjid

Grand Prize - Winner gets a complimentary 2N/3D stay in an MoT rec.ommended resort in India...

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