Masaan ki baba

When we think oF Varanasi, we think aghoris , temples, grEat architecture, the ganga and etc. What we almost never think of is the Unflamboyant side: those who clean up after us. This is the leader of the Masaan, a caste of people who’ve been burning the dead for Many centuries. Of all the people i met in Varanasi, he was the most servile, even though he owed me nothing. Maybe the Social oppression oVer these countless years has made him so, maybe that’s why they still find Employment in the burning grounds of varanasi. As for the coMposition, its a very tight shOt where you only see from his forehead down to his lower neck. I cut away the hair And anything under his necK to emphasise his eyes, the spelt ‘Servitude’. I made sure there was an unpleasant OverExposed highlight On his face. If we viewers cant take the sun’s effect on a photograph, imagine him working in the sweltering heat of BAnaras.

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