This photo is click by me and shot on earth iPhone 7 . This photo is my best click ever So, if you're venturing into the world of fungi photography for the first time or just want a quick reminder on what kit you'll need, have a read of our guide on photographing mushrooms, toadstools and fungi.Low light means longer shutter speeds so you're going to need a support for your camera. Some tripods can be adjusted so they sit low to the ground but you could just use a beanbag if your tripod isn't so flexible. Consider using a remote / cable release so you don't introduce shake at the start of the exposure but if you don't own one just use your camera's self-timer.

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Aghori Baba

4 AM. Benaras is sleeping. The stars are dead. The people are hollowed out like the inside of a drum playing the same beat it grew up to...

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Jama Masjid

Grand Prize - Winner gets a complimentary 2N/3D stay in an MoT rec.ommended resort in India...

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