Solo India ride

India is my country and I am proud of it. This is what we have been hearing from our childhood day's. Now, at this point of my life I wanted to feel this feeling in every state of our country. So, I started this solo bike ride from the farthest point in north india which is Zanskar range. I have been planning this for a few months and now when I am doing this ride, it feels good. Riding a bike in a no mans land such as the Kargil-Zanskar Highway, it's done. Riding on the Kargil- leh Highway during night hours, done. Completion the leh-manali highway all by myself,Done. The picture that you see is from Pang pass in leh-manali highway. It WAs my first experience riding down a slope of a mountain which was Dangerous but memorable. At that moment there were no one to share the excitement but the view out there for the ride was much more THRILLED. THERE have been some ups and down but the pride riding in the state of Himachal Pradesh still feels good in September. It's completely a different region compared to Ladakh as the air feels a lil different like "koi moksh mil gaya ho". This ride of mine is not just about riding to a place it's more about investigation the state, visiting every district, trekking,, wandering and feeling pride in what ever the ride puts before me. NOW next is PUNJAB. To stay connected follow up on Instagram@ladakhionthemove

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