The golden dream

Chasing sunsets has always been a childhood joy for me. For a solo traveler and photographer, nature has endless opportunities to show its beauty and power. The day I started my hike for Prashar Lake from Baggi, it rained all day. There were no places to stay in Baagi, I had to reach the lake before sunset to avoid risks. It took me more than 5 hours of constant walking in the mountains to reach the lake. I was running out of water and food. Additionally, In the middle of the trek, I fell on the trail 5-6 times due to muddy terrain and constant drizzling. Injuries in elbows, knees and twisted ankle were none of the concerns because I had to reach the lake before the dark. I was fearful and alone but I had no choice. Somehow at 5.30 PM I reached and looked at the 360° view, I couldn't stop myself getting overwhelmed by the magnificent scene. The golden rays of sun making everything look magical and I am witnessing all this from a top of a mountain. I felt like my dream has come true after facing all the hardships of the trek. Before rains hit my place, I quickly dropped my rucksack and went to one of the edges to absorb. This is the moment my eyes saw as tears came out of my eyes, I could only say to myself that "The risk was worth taking". Next day as I went back to Baggi, the village was wiped out overnight due to floods. There were no houses and shops anymore that I saw yesterday. I am grateful that I trekked a day ago else I wouldn't have been alive. Probably!

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